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Meet Cynthia

Hi, I’m Cynthia Cerrato and I’m a bilingual bi-cultural licensed marriage and family therapist serving individuals, couples and families in the Los Angeles area.

As a holistic therapist I incorporate practices such as meditation and mindfulness in order to increase a sense of presence and inner peace. I am passionate about mental health and wellness and strongly believe that individuals have the capacity to heal themselves with the support of a guide.  My focus is to help individuals heal, feel whole again and become aware of their inner strengths and potentials. I do this by providing one on one confidential sessions in a non-traditional, supportive, healing and comfortable space.

I specialize in working with Women of Color, maternal mental health issues, survivors of trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship issues and parenting issues.

In our sessions, I will guide you with deepening your understanding of yourself and how you function within the larger system in order to reach your fullest potential. I will integrate culturally relevant techniques as well as holistic and mindfulness based techniques to increase your awareness of the here and now. I utilize psychodynamic, existential and humanistic techniques to help you reach your healing goals.


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Meet Cynthia Cerrato of Corazon Y Aire in El Sereno

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and am certified in Holistic and Integrative health. In sessions, I provide psychoeducation about different herbs and teas that are beneficial in calming the nervous system and reducing stress as well symptoms of anxiety and depression. I’m a firm believer that the body can heal itself and approach treatment on a whole level, not just on an emotional/mental one. I provide individual, couples and family therapy but specialize in maternal mental health, womxn of color, depression, anxiety, addiction, and parenting.

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